Our Mission and Goal

The Luso-Brazilian Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Montreal exists to make followers of Jesus Christ, as He asked: preaching, healing and saving residents of Montreal and its surroundings with the power of the Holy Spirit through our small groups and spiritual gifts of our members.

We want to be known by our community as faithful stewards and priests of Christ, and we aim to have a temple worthy of His name.


A call, a decision, a desire

We want to make a difference, unite in a belief, talk to people in Montreal with our language. Portuguese? No. The language of love of a God who does not see boundaries of cultures and who welcomes everyone with open arms: the immigrant the supporter, the tourist, the curious, the passer-by, you.

The Luso-Brazilian Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Montreal is an open space to praise God, to learn about the Bible, to make new friends and why not? To find a new family. Come and check it out!


“Building on the Rock” Project

The Luso-Brazilian Seventh Day Adventist Church in Montreal started in 2008 with just 12 people. Today we are a vibrant group of about 80 members, and many visitors each Sabbath. Our church has a special project to acquire its own building in the city of Montreal, and this is the gift we want to give to this city.

Be part of this project, it is very easy, you can use your credit card or debit card to make your donation by clicking in the button below.

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